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Krishi Saronjam Rin
(for Agriculture Equipments)
Shech Saronjam Rin
(for Irrigation Equipments)
In order to achieve desired growth in agriculture sector of the country, we are committed to increase our present loan portfolio in agricultural sector. IFIC Bank is offering Agriculture Loan products namely i) Krishi Saronjam Rin - for Agriculture Equipments ii) Shech Saronjam Rin - for irrigation equipments iii) Poshupokkhi & Motsho Khamar Rin - for Live Stock & Fish Culture & iv) Phalphasali Rin - for Fruit Orchard for individuals & group at micro level.
Krishi Saronjam Rin
For Agriculture Equipments...

IFIC Bank offers Krishi Saronjam Rin to individual / Group at micro level for pur- chasing of agricultural machinery like new power tiller/power tiller with plough (tractor), single cylinder tractor with plough, power tiller with trolley, Rotavator etc.

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Shech Saronjam Rin
For Irrigation Equipments...

IFIC Bank offers Shech Saronjam Rin to individual / Group at micro level for pur- chasing of irrigation machin- ery like Shallow tube well, Deep tube well, Motor pump, Generator etc.

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Agriculture Credit
Bangladesh is an agro-based country and majority of our population dependant on Agriculture. Although maximum of the total population is dependant on agriculture, its contribution to GDP has gradually come down. Moreover, every year a huge amount of food grain and other agricultural products are imported to meet the demand of the country.
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