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SME Asset Products
IFIC - Shilpo Sohay
IFIC - Prantonari
(Women Entrepreneur's Loan)
IFIC - Protyasha (Women Entrepreneur's Loan)
Commercial House Building Loan
Transport Loan
Working Capital Loan
Easy Commercial Loan
Contractor's Loan
Bidder's Loan
SME Liability Products
Monthly Income Scheme - Arjon
Monthly Savings Scheme - Joma
IFIC Green Earth
Loan for Grassroots Women Entrepreneurs
Any business purpose loan for Cottage, Micro and Small Enterprise owned & run by grassroots women entrepreneurs involved in manufacturing unit of jamdani, nakshikatha, boutiques and other handicrafts, service unit of beauty parlour, catering service and other income generating trading activities and those who have no access to financial facilities from banks.
Grassroots Women Entrepreneurs having at least two years experience in same line of business.
Monthly cash flow to support loan repayment.
Nature of Loan
Term Loan.
Loan Limit
Minimum Tk.1,00,000/- to maximum Tk.5,00,000/- (collateral free)
Above Tk.5,00,000/- but up to maximum Tk.20,00,000/- (with collateral)*
Minimum Tk.2,00,000/- to maximum Tk.5,00,000/- (collateral free for group of five members).
Loan Period
Minimum 24 (twenty four) months to maximum 36 (thirty six) months for loan upto Tk.3,00,000/-
Minimum 36 (thirty six) months to maximum 60 (sixty) months for loan above Tk.3,00,000/-.
Interest Rate
@ 9.00% p.a. with quarterly rest, (as directed by Bangladesh Bank subject to availability of refinance).
Equal Monthly Installment (EMI).
*Conditions apply.
SME Banking
The growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in terms of size and number has multiple effect on the national economy, specifically on employment, GDP growth, and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh. IFIC Bank is also a partner of SME sector development of the country.
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