Easy Commercial Loan

Easy Commercial Loan

Business enterprises (other than public limited company) against pledge of financial instruments i.e. FDR, MIS, PSS Account, ICB Unit Certificate, WEDB, NFCD, Share Certificates & any other Govt. security eligible for credit facilities.

Interest Rate

  • Lending against Fixed Deposit (FD) of IFIC Bank (All FD/FD scheme) - FD Rate + 2.00%.
  • Lending against other Financial Obligation (Pension Saving Scheme/Govt. approved securities/ICB Unit certificate/WEDB/ NFCD/Share) - FO Rate + 3.00% (Min. 12.00%)

Loan period:

  • Maximum 12(Twelve) month (Renewable)

Shortest possible processing time & least formalities

Repayment method

  • Lump sum within validity