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IFIC Celebrating ‘Remittance Utshab’ Nationwide

Date: 17 January 2023

IFIC Bank has been celebrating Remittance Utshab across the country since December 25, 2022 to encourage fast, easy, and secure remittance exchange through legitimate banking channels. With the slogan 'Remittance means IFIC', IFIC Bank is distributing leaflets containing necessary information about remittance services through branded caravans across the country. In addition, trained bank representatives are providing various information required by the public to receive remittances from more than 1,200 branches and uposhakhas of the bank quickly and easily. To enable expatriates to instantly deliver their hard-earned income to the IFIC accounts of their loved ones and family members, the bank is now offering 24/7 remittance services. Currently, IFIC Bank customers are receiving an additional 2.5% government incentive on the amount of money sent by their loved ones from abroad quickly and hassle-free. Also, to encourage remittance exchange through legitimate banking channels, IFIC Bank is offering attractive rewards to every customer who avails its remittance services.


In addition to IFIC Bank's own company IFIC Money Transfer (UK) Limited and Oman Exchange LLC, the well-known companies Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria Money Transfer, and Transfast are also partners in remittance services. IFIC Bank's ‘Remittance Utsab’ has already received a huge response from the general public in receiving remittances.


Mr. Shah A Sarwar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank said “IFIC Bank has already set up more than 1,200 branches and uposhakhas all over the country with the aim of delivering banking services to the doorsteps of the general people under inclusive activities. As part of this banking service, people can now easily receive remittance services from the IFIC bank next to their house. As a result, remittance services and other financial activities will get a boost.”