Duronta Savings account

Duronta Savings account

IFIC Duronta Savings Account is specifically designed with students in mind. Only students who are below 18 years of age or their guardians can open the account. With no Maintenance fees, Attractive interest rates, low initial deposit and great value added services such as education insurance of Tk 1 Lac for DPS account holders as well as Scholarship facility of Tk 5000, Duronta has established itself as a perfect banking solution for students and their parents.


  • Exclusive savings account only for students
  • Low Initial deposit
  • Valid student ID required
  • Attractive Interest Rate
  • Interest calculates on daily balance and pays monthly
  • Free education insurance up to TK 1.00 lac if DPS of at least 500tk installments is maintained.
  • Free colorful note book for minor students
  • Jointly operates with parents or legal guardians (if minor student)
  • Debit card facility for minor students
  • No Account Maintenance Fee
  • After applicant turns 18, Duronta account must be closed and new account can be opened as per customer desire.
  • Minor account withdrawal limit 5000 monthly
  • Transaction information will be sent via SMS to guardians mobile
  • Scholarship facility up to 5000 if a “School Savings A Plus” DPS is maintained


Required Documents:

Students (Below 18 years)

For Student:

  • Valid Student ID or certificate from respective educational institution or tuition fee slip (last month)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Photo: 3 copies

For Parent or Legal Guardian:

  • Copy of National ID
  • Photo: 2 copies
  • Proof of Legal guardianship (If not parent)
  • Photo of Nominee: 1 copy