Corporate Business

Corporate Business

Working Capital Finance

Business concerns, manufacturing or trading, frequently face shortage of cash flow due to upgradation, Balancing Modernization Rehabilitation and Expansion (BMRE) of existing set up or to procure raw materials and to meet day to day expenses.

Funded facilities are Secured Over Draft (SOD)/Over Draft (OD) , Over Draft (Garments), Cash Credit (CC), Loan against Trust Receipts (LTR), Work Order Financing, Short-Term loan, Demand Loan/Time Loan, Loan General.

Non-funded facilities are bank guarantees and Letter of Credits as best suited to client’s liquidity requirement and risk profile.

Industrial & Project Finance

IFIC Bank provides project finance for various industrial projects in the form of Term Loans for civil construction, procurement of machinery and BMRE. Lease Finance is offered for procurement of vehicle and LC for import of machinery. Project Financing has been recognized as an important and crucial mode of finance for a financial institution for substantial growth of its industrial credit vis-a-vis managing long term finance. Growth of project finance/industrial credit of a developing country like Bangladesh is considered as a key parameter for full filing her dream for transforming into a mid-income country group.

Hence, apart from trade and commercial finance; IFIC Bank Ltd. from the very beginning has been an active partner of the private sector in developing large and medium scale industry of the country. The bank has been financing Term Loan (Industrial) facility for establishing new project and/or BMRE of various projects in the sectors viz. textile, garments, power, steel, telecom, pharmaceuticals, packaging, consumer products, healthand real estate.We are offering Short Term and Mid Term finance to our customers to meet emergency financial needs of their project/business.

Lease Finance

Lease Financing became a thrust sector for individual and small enterprise besides medium and large enterprise. IFIC Bank has been providing lease finance facility to its customer for acquisition of manufacturing and service equipment for all major industrial sectors. The facility helps the customer to have better financial flexibility under budgetary constraints and to enjoy tax benefit. IFIC offers financing vehicles / capital machinery / generator / boiler / construction equipment / medical equipment etc.

Syndication & Structured Finance

IFIC Bank along with other commercial banks has been financing large scale projects under syndication arrangement to raise and meet huge credit need of a company. This arrangement allows the banks to share expertise among them and diversify its credit risks. To cater the need of leading corporate house, IFIC Bank has been raising fund from the banking sector on behalf of the customer through syndication arrangement.

Off-shore Banking

Add Confirmation to LCs:

  • To Deferred Credits issued by other Banks or Branches of IFIC bank for smooth execution of LC terms.

Bills Discounting (Import Bills):

  • To secure clients’ business growth and improve their negotiating base with suppliers.

Discounting of Export Bill:

  • An exporter derives benefit from interest rate differential when discounting export bills by OBU.

Foreign Currency Time Loan/Term Loan:

  • Foreign currency loans are available to both resident (with BIDA permission) and foreign owned companies under a set of agreed terms and conditions.

Buyer's Credit:

UPAS LC Settlement: