IFIC Aamar Subornogram

IFIC Aamar Subornogram

Product Introduction:

IFIC Aamar Subornogram offers with collateral loan facility for Agriculture Loan.

Financing involved in cultivation of Grain & Crop, Fisheries, livestock, Purchase of agriculture & irrigation machineries, Seed Production, Grain Warehouse & Marketing and Rural Financing including poverty alleviation & income generating activity will be considered as agriculture loan for IFIC Aamar Subrnogram.

Re-finance and Interest Subsidy facility available upon eligibility and availability.


  • Strengthening agriculture sector by providing financial assistance
  • Increased agricultural productivity and income for marginal farmers.
  • Promotion of sustainable farming practices.
  • Empowerment of farmers through access to finance and new technology.
  • Reduction in rural poverty and improved livelihoods in farming communities.
  • Contributing to overall economic growth and food Safety


Loan Segment:

  • Grain & Crop
  • Livestock
  • Fisheries
  • Agriculture equipment/Machineries
  • Seed Production
  • Grain Warehouse & Marketing
  • Rural Financing - Poverty alleviation & Income Generating Activity
  • 0thers (Cultivation of Grain & Crop not mentioned in list and any other Agriculture related activity

Customer Segment:

  • Individual Person or Farm / Enterprises involved in different segment of Agriculture activities.

Customer Type:

  • Individual
  • Farm / Enterprises/ Industry


  • To meet financial requirements for cultivation of Grain and Crops, Livestock, Fisheries, purchasing, Agriculture, Equipment/Machineries, Seed Production, Grain Warehouse & Marketing, Rural Financiaing- Poverty Alleviation & Income Generating Activity and any other Agriculture related activity.

Nature of Loan:

  • Term Loan
  • Overdraft (For Working Capital)
  • Demand Loan (Revolving/One off)


  • Any individual/Farmer/Farm/Enterprise/Industry involved on different segment of any agricultural activities.
  • Having minimum 2 years experience in the segment of Agriculture activity.
  • Must be a permanent resident in area of agriculture activity at least 1 Year.



  • Minimum: 18 Years
  • Maximum: 65 Years

Loan Amount:

  • Minimum: Above BDT 5 Lakh
  • Maximum: 70% Collateral Security. In case Financial Instrument 90% of the Financial Instrument


Loan Tenor:

  • 1 to 5 Years

Loan Repayment Method:

  • Term Loan: By equal monthly installments
  • Overdraft: Lump sum with interest within maturity
  • Demand Loan (One off/Revolving): At one go with interest at maturity or in Lump sum within expiry of loan.

Eligible collateral:

  • Land, Registered or under constructed Flat or Building, Financial Instrument


Interest Rate:


  • Please contact us for query (16255)/ 09666716255 or visit any Branch/Uposhakha of IFIC Bank PLC.


Required Documents:

General Documents:

  • 2 (Two) copies passport size attested photograph of borrower/ Partners/ Directors as well as guarantor(s).
  • Copy of NID of both borrower & guarantor (Where applicable)

Note: In case of unavailability of NID of borrower:

Copy of Passport/Birth Certificate with additional photo ID/Driving license (Verified by original copy) may be obtained instead of NID.

  • Valid Trade License for Enterprise/Industry (if any)
  • Net Worth Statement of the borrower & guarantor.
  • Bank statement for last 12(twelve) months (if available).
  • Up to date clean CIB report
  • Proof of Permanent Residency (Holding Tax, Rent Paid Receipt, Utility bill copy, NID, TIN or other ancillaries)
  • Updated tenancy/rental deed if the borrowing concern/its godown situated at rented premises (if any)
  • Periodical Stock Report (if any)
  • Enterprise/Company documents:

For proprietorship:

  • No additional documents required.

For Partnership Firm:

  • Registered Partnership Deed (with RJSC/RJSF) along with certificate of partnership Firm
  • Up to date list of partners

For Private limited Company:

  • Memorandum and articles of association (Certified by RJSC) with certificate of incorporation.
  • Certified copy of up-to-date list [personal profile of directors (Form XII & Schedule X)
  • Board resolution to borrow fund including completion of documentation formalities in accordance with Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Letter of Guarantee of the Directors
  • Undertaking stating that the borrower shall not make any amendment or alteration in memorandum and Article of Association without prior approval of Bank.
  • Approval of the Bank for any inclusion or exclusion of the Directors in and from the Company.