Savings Account (General & Student)

Savings Account (General & Student)

IFIC Savings account is your basic transactional account that offers an attractive interest rate, no matter the amount. With SMS Banking, Digital Banking and 24 hours ATM support, IFIC savings are perfect for your daily banking needs.


  • A regular transactional account offering interest on your deposit
  • SMS banking facility
  • Digital banking facility
  • VISA Debit Card facility and Easy cash withdrawal facility from 13000+ ATMs around the Country. (For Student-Savings Account, minimum age of minor for debit card issuance is 12 years)
  • Any minor student (Age between 6 - 18 years) can open Student-Savings Account
  • For Student-Savings Account - Account maintenance fee, SMS alert fee, Debit card fee and Closing charge is free.


Mandatory Documents:

  • Photo of Applicant - 2 copies.
  • Copy of National ID/Smart ID of the Applicant.
  • If NID /Smart ID is not available, introducer is mandatory and account can be opened by using applicant’s any of these documents (verified by original copy).
  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Driving License
  4. Employee ID

Optional Document:

  • Copy of TIN (if available)
  • Proof of source of fund
  • Proof of business


In case of nominee (not mandatory):

  • 1 copy of photo
  • Photocopy of any ID
  • Legal guardian’s Photo ID and Photograph (If nominee is minor)

For Joint Account:

  • All mandatory documents, mentioned above, are required for each customer of the joint account.

Documents for Student-Savings Account:

  • Photo of Applicant - 2 copies
  • Birth Registration Certificate
  • Valid student ID
  • Guardian’s (Father/Mother/Legal Guardian) NID/Smart ID and Photograph