Citizen’s Charter

Citizen's Charter Reports

IFIC Citizen Charter Focal Point

With a specific complaint anyone may visit the branches/uposhakhas or contact our Customer Care Centre.

SL Complaint Initiating Level Contact Person
1 Customer Care Centre

Md. Abdul Kadir
Head of Customer Care Center
Contact Number: 09666716250 Ext-881

2 Branch/Uposhakha

Helal Ahmed
Head of Operations
Contact Number: 09666716250 Ext-400

3 Branch/Uposhakha

Tagore Lakshaman Chandra Ghosh
Head of Customer Service Center
Contact Number: 09666716250 Ext-364

4 Social Media Platforms (Facebook)

Nayla Tarannum Chowdhury
Head of Branding, Communication and Corporate Affairs
Contact: +8809666716250 Ext-240