Locker Services

Locker Services

IFIC Bank brings locker services for you by ensuring enhanced security and confidentiality. You could use this locker facility of IFIC Bank Limited and thus have the option of covering your valuables against any unfortunate incident.


Advantages of Locker Services

  • Quick access & Wide availability
  • Lockers Available in Various Sizes. i.e. Small, Medium and Large with Varying Rents
  • Lockers are Rented out for a Minimum Period of One Year. Rent is Payable in Advance



An Individual (except Minor), Firms, Limited Company, Associations, Clubs, Trusts, Societies etc.

Terms & Conditions

  • A link CASA account at IFIC Bank is required to realize the locker charge
  • Locker charge will realize in advance


Locker Charges

Locker Size


  • Large size Locker       -

Tk.10,000.00 + VAT per year

  • Medium size locker     -

Tk.  8,000.00 + VAT per year

  • Small size locker         -

Tk.  5,000.00 + VAT per year


Other Charges

  • Security Money(refundable)

- Tk. 6,000.00

  • Replacement of lost key

- At actual plus handling charges at 15% of rent and VAT on handling