Green Earth

Green Earth

Green banking could be one of the suitable opportunities to diversify the banks business. It is also sensible initiative to keep our environment better. IFIC Bank is committed to promote sustainable growth in the economy. We have launched several lending products, under "IFIC Green - Earth" which will support green/clean and efficient energy projects and programs, detailed as under:




Loan Limit

Loan tenor

Domestic Bio-gas plant

For integrated cow (hybrid) raring & setting up of bio-gas plant.

Maximum BDT.4,50,000/-

Maximum 48 months

For setting up of bio-gas plant in existing cattle/poultry farm.

Maximum BDT.50,000/-

Commercial bio-gas plant

For setting up of bio-gas plant in existing cattle/poultry farm & produce electricity through gas generator.

Maximum BDT.15,00,000/-

Maximum 60 months


To meet the financial needs for purchasing of 2 cows, vermin construction of shade and for other expenses to produce vermin compost fertilizer for own use/business purpose.

BDT. 2,90,000/- (including purchase of 2 cows)
BDT. 90,000/- (Excluding purchasing of cows)

Maximum 48 months

Finance for Brick Kiln Efficiency Improvement Projects

To setup HHK or equivalent technology plant.

Up to BDT.15,00,00,000/-

Maximum 84 months

Conversion of traditional FCK into Improved Zig Zag Brick Kiln

Up to BDT.10,00,00,000/-

Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment Loan

  • To purchase/reinstall of Fire Fighting/Fire Safety Equipments.
  • To construct/ repair/reconstruction of overhead and underground water reservoir/tanks.
  • To purchase/install water pumps, sprinkler etc.

Maximum BDT1,00,00,000/-

Maximum 60 months