IFIC Aamar Account (Business)

IFIC Aamar Account (Business)


The IFIC Aamar Account (Business) targets Bangladeshi CMSMEs (Cottage, micro, Small, Medium) and agricultural entity/organization/enterprise, offering an interest-bearing relationship account with overdraft capability in the entity/organization/enterprise name. It serves businesses in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and more, allowing easy transactions and access to loans within a single account.


  • Any business entity/organization/enterprise can open this account for agriculture and business-related transactions.
  • Account will be opened in entity/organization/enterprise name.
  • Deposit & loan facility is available in a single account.
    • Slab wise attractive interest rate – Earn more as your Saving’s grow.
  • Deposit interest will be calculated on daily balance and paid monthly.
  • Debit Card / Cheque book is available for withdrawal of deposit and overdraft amount.
  • Free enrolment in digital banking & mobile financial services
    • Dual currency facility of debit card for account opened in the name of Proprietorship farm.
  • One organization can open multiple account on valid purpose.
  • This account can be used as link account of asset & liability products and other services.
  • No hidden charges

Required Documents:

Sole Proprietorship Account:

  • National ID card / Passport / Birth Registration Certificate
  • Recent passport size photograph of applicant(s).
  • Trade License (valid up-to date copy)
  • Copy of TIN or tax acknowledgement certificate (As applicable)

Partnership Firm:

  • National ID card / Passport / Birth Registration Certificate
  • Recent Passport size photograph of every partner
  • List of Partners with their address
  • Trade License (valid up-to date copy)
  •  Partnership deed/ partnership letter (registered/notarized) as per Stamp Act.
  • Beneficial Owner profile for each partner/shareholder(s) (In applicable cases)
  • Extracts from the Resolution of the meeting mentioning the opening of account, operations, and signatories thereof who will operate the account.
  • Rent receipt of the shop (if the shop is rental) or ownership documents of the shop (i.e., purchase documents of the shop or inheritance documents)
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration of the Firm (In case of Registered Partnership)
  • Copy of TIN or tax acknowledgement certificate (As applicable)

One person/Private/Public Limited Companies:

  • National ID Card / Passport (For all directors, beneficiary, and signatories/operators)
  • Recent Passport size photograph of all directors/beneficial owners of the company and signatories/operators
  • Trade License (valid up-to date copy)
  • Certified true copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company duly certified by RJSC.
  • Certified true copy of Certificate of incorporation
  • Update List of Directors with address (Certified true copy of Form XII), Schedule-X; Form- 117 (if share transferred).
  • Certified copy of the Letter of Commencement of Business (in case of Public Ltd. Co.)
  • Extract of resolution/resolution of the board/general meeting of the company for opening the account and authorization for its operation duly certified by the Chairman/ Managing Director of the company.
  • Power of attorney granted to its Managers, Officials or Employees to transact business on its behalf (if any)
  • List of names with appointments and specimen signatures of the persons authorized to operate the account and request the bank to open Letter of Credit/Guarantee duly certified by the Chairman/Managing Director of the company.
  • Identity documents of the account signatories, details of their relationship with the company. Subsequent changes to signatories must be verified.
  • Nature of the applicant's business, the reasons for opening of the account, expected monthly turnover, source of funds and a copy of the last available financial statements certified by a professional accountant (if applicable/available).
  • Copy of TIN or tax acknowledgement certificate of company and all of the directors, VAT (As applicable)

For Others, necessary documents for respective company, mentioned in Account opening process will be followed.

  • No introducer is required for account opening of Other than individual Account.
  • Sole Proprietorship business and one person ownership company can declare nominee.

Nominee documents:

  • Recent passport size Photograph of Nominee (1 copy)
  • National ID card of the nominee
  • Legal Guardian’s NID and Photograph (in case of minor nominee)