IFIC Securities Limited

IFIC Securities Limited

IFIC Securities Limited (A subsidiary company of IFIC Bank) is devoted to the development of the Capital Market of the country through extending world-class brokerage services to the individual and institutional investors. IFICSL deals in buying, selling and trading of securities in the Capital Market. As a sophisticated and innovative financial solutions provider, IFICSL aims at providing all sorts of brokerage and custodial services to its customers with the help of a dedicated work-force. IFICSL is a TREC holder of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited.

IFICSL provides :

Brokerage Services

  • Trade execution in Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited
  • Dedicated, skilled & experienced dealer for Trade
  • VIP Trading Booth & Female Trading Booth.

Margin Loan Facilities

Extends financial support to the clients for investment in the secondary market against the margin deposit of the clients within the limit set by the Management from time to time and Margin Rules & Regulations, 1999 of Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC).

Full Service DP

  • BO (Beneficial Owners) Accounts Opening
  • Dematerialization of Shares
  • Re-materialization of Shares
  • Transfers and Multiple Accounts Movement
  • Pledging, Un-pledging and Confiscation
  • Corporate Action Inquiry
  • BO ISIN Balance inquiry.

Electronic Services

  • Trade through email and Phone
  • Trade through Mobile App & Web Version
  • SMS Service
  • Daily Portfolio email Service.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Services

  • One Stop IPO Service for clients as per procedure.