IFIC Shohoj Account

IFIC Shohoj Account

IFIC Shohoj is a new product designed for the unbanked population of Bangladesh, in order to boost financial inclusion in the country. A minimum required opening balance combined with no paperwork hassle free and also attractive interest rates makes it the perfect account banking solution for the masses. IFIC Shohoj can also be used as a link account for IFIC Aamar Bhobishawt


  • Minimum account opening balance of 10tk.
  • Slab wise interest-bearing deposit account.
  • Attractive Interest rate.
  • Deposit interest will be calculated on daily balance and paid monthly.
  • Source of fund not mandatory.
  • Zero account maintenance fee.
  • SMS Alerts on transactions.
  • Minor can open “IFIC Shohoj Account”
  • Cash withdrawal from all Bank's ATM throughout the country .
  • Counter slip facility has been discounted. Chequebook will be provided.
  • IFIC Shohoj Rin facility for IFIC Shohoj account holders.
  • Free enrolment in digital banking.


Mandatory Documents:

  • Photo of Applicant - 2 copies.
  • Copy of National ID/Smart ID of the Applicant.
  • If NID /Smart ID is not available, introducer is mandatory and account can be opened by using applicant’s any of these documents (verified by original copy).
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Driving License
    • Employee ID

Optional Document:

  • Copy of TIN (if available)
  • Proof of source of fund


In case of nominee (not mandatory):

  • 1 copy of photo
  • Photocopy of any ID
  • Legal guardian’s Photo ID and Photograph (If nominee is minor)

Minor Customer:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Guardian’s Photo ID and Photograph.

For Joint Account:

  • All mandatory documents, mentioned above, are required for each customer of the joint account.