IFIC Aamar Account

IFIC Aamar Account

IFIC Aamar Account

It is a unique transactional account where you can avail both Deposit and Loan facilities. This is a first of its kind account in Bangladesh; which reduces your account operation cost with lots of attractive benefits.

Features of "AAMAR Account"


  • Interest bearing current account for all types of individual customer
  • Deposit and Loan (Overdraft) facility is available against a single account
  • Slab wise attractive interest rate – Earn more as your Saving’s grow
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • Same Card can serve the purpose of Debit & Credit card.
  • Cash withdrawl from all Bank's ATM thourghout the country is free of charge
  • Same Cheque book can be used for withdrawal of Deposit and Overdraft amount.
  • Unlimited number of transactions can be conducted in account Overdraft facility is given to credit worthy individuals upon necessary credit assessment Features of Overdraft for "AAMAR Account"
  • Alternative to Credit Card facility
  • Low Interest Rate (Almost one third of conventional Credit Cards)
  • No hidden charges.

Documents Required for Opening "AAMAR Account" (Only for Deposit):

  • Photo of Applicant - 3 copies
  • Photo of Nominee - 1 copy
  • Copy of National ID of the Applicant
  • Letter of Introduction from the company (For Payroll Customers only)


Additional Documents required for Overdraft facility:

  • Photo of Applicant – 1 copy
  • Copy of TIN
  • Bank Statement (6 months for Salaried and Self-employed persons & 12 months for Businessman category).
  • Salary certificate/ Letter of Introduction is required for all salaried customer other than IFIC payroll
  • Copy of Trade License (Only for Businessman Category)