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IFIC Bank achieved the milestone of 1200 Uposhakha

Date: 31 March 2024

IFIC Bank reached a significant milestone with the inauguration of its 1200th "uposhakha” at Baitul Mukarram Market in the capital on Sunday. Shah Alam Sarwar, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of IFIC Bank, graced the event as the chief guest at Baitul Mukarram Market premises. Senior executives from the bank, delegates from the Baitul Mokarram Business Group and notable figures from the community were also present.

This achievement solidifies IFIC Bank's position as the country's largest banking network, boasting 1400 branches and uposhakhas across the country. Aiming to extend financial services to the doorstep of people of Bangladesh and cater to the needs of marginalized communities, IFIC Bank launched the uposhakha program titled “Neighborhood Banking” on  June 23, 2019.